Thursday, August 27, 2009


OK, well this is the first time I'm gonna do this and I'm still gettin used to it. Main reason for doing this is because I love writing with a PASSION, can't get enough of putting my thoughts on paper and watching a letter become and word and a sentence become a paragraph which captivates the mind.

On a more personal note, this entire year has been a whirlwind of fun, study, drama, problems, grieving and overall mayhem for myself. However it's also been a crazy ride into a new part of life which I'm very excited about !


So, what am I doing with my new and exciting life ?

Well ... I'm currently laying in my bed ... the house is dead silent, with the exception of my omnipresent coughing =( ... however not all is bad and boring as I just returned from the EASTERN (yes ppl I went to the eastern ... get over it, I'm not filthy ... relax)

I kinda feel semi hypocritical as I never wanted to step foot in that place cause of all the things I heard about it ... but it actually turned out to be LOTS of fun !
Ran into old friends, danced to some GREAT music and partied with D-ANA and The Butch =P

We had to go home early tho, but meh, we made it a great night for ourselves after a great time out with "the crew" at Pancakes to celebrate Ms Fiasco's 19th !

Which reminds me ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY (for the 5th time) NORA ! ! !

You rock !


OK well my brain is currently on "power saving" mode, so I'm not really able to blog much tonight for my first post (sorry)

But I'll be back on soon, I Promise =)

Until then, goodnight, don't miss me too much!