Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Nights, Dreaming About Northern Lights

So, I'm stuck at home tonight doing nothing but arguing with Zain over who's gonna win the NBA this season and other pressing matters.

Before I forget, I didn't do this in my first post and I'm feeling kinda bad, so I'm gonna say it now ...
THANK YOU HUDA for being my awesome B.F.F.L and staying up til 4am for a week straight trying to find names for my URL and for putting up with me and my shocking brain dead ideas =)

Anyways, I was just daydreaming and thinking about leaving home and running away to what I think is the most amazing place in the world ... The North Pole

... stop laughing ... thank you

The North Pole as I've come to learn is an amazing place, however the one thing that attracts me to this place is ... The Aurora.

I found out about these amazing lights in the sky through a book and I have to say that it is the most beautiful phenomena in this entire world. I can't wait to visit this place, just looking at photos makes me feel all funny inside, like it's an opening into another world ... like I can walk right into the sky ... just writing about it right now is making me get all restless !

I think it was nominated for a wonder of the world, but I have no idea under what category however it should definitely be up there as one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Anyways I'll stop rambling and let you enjoy the amazing photos

Much Love

Carpe Diem

Thursday, August 27, 2009


OK, well this is the first time I'm gonna do this and I'm still gettin used to it. Main reason for doing this is because I love writing with a PASSION, can't get enough of putting my thoughts on paper and watching a letter become and word and a sentence become a paragraph which captivates the mind.

On a more personal note, this entire year has been a whirlwind of fun, study, drama, problems, grieving and overall mayhem for myself. However it's also been a crazy ride into a new part of life which I'm very excited about !


So, what am I doing with my new and exciting life ?

Well ... I'm currently laying in my bed ... the house is dead silent, with the exception of my omnipresent coughing =( ... however not all is bad and boring as I just returned from the EASTERN (yes ppl I went to the eastern ... get over it, I'm not filthy ... relax)

I kinda feel semi hypocritical as I never wanted to step foot in that place cause of all the things I heard about it ... but it actually turned out to be LOTS of fun !
Ran into old friends, danced to some GREAT music and partied with D-ANA and The Butch =P

We had to go home early tho, but meh, we made it a great night for ourselves after a great time out with "the crew" at Pancakes to celebrate Ms Fiasco's 19th !

Which reminds me ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY (for the 5th time) NORA ! ! !

You rock !


OK well my brain is currently on "power saving" mode, so I'm not really able to blog much tonight for my first post (sorry)

But I'll be back on soon, I Promise =)

Until then, goodnight, don't miss me too much!